Steven and Melisa have an incredible calling and gifting in the area of marriage life coaching and ministry. Their personal testimony, training, and passion in this area have equipped them to give meaningful and life transforming help to any marriage at any level of health or season.
— Jon Chasteen, Lead Pastor | Victory Church, Oklahoma City, OK
They conducted a marriage retreat for our church. I hear couples that attended this retreat repeat bits of wisdom and use skills that they were taught by Steven and Melisa. As a pastor I am thankful for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in which they yield to. They minister with, experience, practical application, correction, strength, laughter, and tears. Not only will you enjoy their ministry, but also marriages within your congregation will benefit from their unique ministry
— Judy Timms, 

Lead Pastor | Elk City Community Church
Steven and Melisa are a power couple that have a ministry unlike any other. With a unique story, their ministry is real and raw. This family has personally poured me into and they have inspired me beyond words. Their ministry produces fruit in an area that our world so desperately needs. Do yourself a favor and team up with this power couple.
— Calli Wood, Student Pastor | Cross Timbers Community Church, Argyle TX
Steve and Melisa are the real deal. Marriage conflicts can be painful and even terminal to a relationship, but these two are living proof that there is hope. They have made it through the dark valleys and are now leading others out.
— Clarence Hill, 

Executive Director | Eye to Eye Marriage Ministry

I have had the privilege of working with Melisa for several years and seen her and Steve’s ministry to couples flourish. They both have a passion for God as well and a passion for married couples. They come from a unique background that allows them to minister to couples from their experiences and not just their theories. They are a blessing to Victory Family Church and I am confident they will be a blessing to your church or ministry.
— Adam Starling, 
Lead Pastor | Victory Family Church, 
Norman, OK
Mr. & Mrs. Steve & Melisa Zimmerman,

On the way out the doors of our last meeting, God gave me these 2 words for this couple, “Power Couple!” One can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousands to flight!

This dynamic couple together are trail blazers for God. Their heart and passion for God and His kingdom-building is powerful! This couple ministers from a place of known territory, a place of familiarity, which simply means, what they give has come from their past experiences, hurts, pains and disappointments!

Together they have accomplished so much, in their teachings, they share what it takes in your singleness, which is where the preparation starts to have a Christ-centered and loving marriage! The keys that are presented are based on the principles of God, not wavering, very practical & attainable tools to live a HEALTHY MARRIAGE = a Happy family!

As Founder & CEO of One Person, Inc. I’m excited to see them in action, I look forward to a future partnership with the Zimmerman’s.

”Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” (Psalms 127:1). God has built this POWER HOUSE of a POWER COUPLE! Their steps are ordered by God!
— Rosie Thompson | Founder & CEO of One Person, Inc.


During a very difficult season in my life, Bridge Builder Marriage Ministry was a blessing. My Life-Coach helped me stay on track and look ahead to all that God has for my future. Learning to practice Metacognition (think what you are thinking about) was vital to my being able to keep my eyes on Jesus and move ahead, not letting my circumstances control my attitude. Thanks you Bridge Builders!
— Lori P.
Melisa and Steve Zimmerman’s counseling was valuable to us because they don’t simply scratch the surface of what it takes to create a successful and fulfilling marriage, they delve deep into each persons role and how to work as a team for each other. The lessons are delivered by using their own experiences and marriage as examples so you know that they have lived out the struggles and victories and it makes everything so much more relatable and truly brings life and wisdom to what they teach. Melisa and Steve were not just our marriage counselors but they became true friends and mentors to us who we know will be there for us with relationship struggles and life circumstances for years to come. My wife and I believe that God’s calling on Melisa and Steve’s life is to give people the tools and support required to create, maintain, and also repair marriages that without God would be otherwise hopeless. We are truly thankful and blessed to have met them and for them to be a part of our marriage and our lives.
— Scott and Bethany
We have made enormous strides in restoring our marriage while working with you. We couldn’t be happier and continue to pray every day that the Lord guides us every step we take throughout the day. Yes, we have our ups and downs but we can assure you things have not been this good in some time between us. We have had several dates, a lot of alone time with just the two of and we both continue to put God at the center of everything we do. We have agreed that whether everything is going great or we are in a storm, we still want to come and meet with you every month or more if needed. We have seen the benefit of working with you and we want to continue. We cannot thank you enough for what you guys have done for us. You have given us the steps and tools and encouragement to make our marriage work. Thanks so much.
— -L and B
Failure is not an easy thing to admit, but our 20-year marriage was in serious trouble. From the outside we appeared happy, but things were not good at all. We were told about Steve and Melisa’s marriage Life-Coaching and decided to give it a last ditch effort. Through coaching sessions with Bridge Builder Marriage Ministry we discovered each other and ourselves again. We gained a new dedication and understanding in our marriage and faith, which made those difficult, issues easier to work through. Our marriage is now better than ever. We are finally happy again. I believe, without a doubt, that God is doing great things through Steve and Melisa. May The Lord continue to bless them!
— Jeff and Carissa
We needed help! Our marriage of 11 years was hanging in the balance and we kept repeating the same patterns of behavior over and over. We had run out of ideas and patience; we knew something had to change. We decided to try meeting with Steven and Melisa from Bridge Builder Marriage Ministry. From the very first appointment, our thinking began to change. They taught us how to communicate with one another and develop a more Christ-centered marriage. In addition to providing us with valuable tools to rebuild our crumbling marriage, Steven and Melisa have guided us several major life changes. As our perspectives changed, we began to recognize and obey the voice of God, which has resulted in the start up of our own business. We are so grateful to Steven and Melisa for all they have done for us.
— Jerry & Tina
When my husband and I got engaged we understood that we needed a little help in going forward in our married life. He had never been married before and I had a previous marriage end in divorce and didn’t want that again. We found Bridge Builder Marriage Ministry’s Pre-Marriage Class. We learned to have a God centered marriage is the key to success, and a personal relationship with God is a corner stone as well as our relationship to each other. We have been married for 1 1/2 years still going strong. The lessons we’ve learned from that class will always be with us. Thank you Steven and Melisa for your guidance and wisdom.
— Melvin and Charley
We decided to take the pre-marriage course Steve and Melisa were offering we were glad we did. We learned a lot and will use the tips and advice we were given. I appreciated the openness and honesty they shared with others and us in the class. I would recommend the course for any couple thinking of getting married.
— Jeff and Anne